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  • FloristWare is super easy to use and makes staff training a breeze!
    – James Lowe AIFD, CFD
    Owner, Lowe's Floral | Minot North Dakota
  • We love having the ability to look up and reprint an invoice. Before we used to have to go through boxes of hand written invoices to find it and waste a considerable amount of time.
    – Marianne Cichowski
    Owner, Awesome Blossoms | Langley BC
  • We tried your marketing feature of FloristWare for the first time just in time for Mother's Day. We created a mailing list of 300 names and mailed out a postcard 10 days before Mother's day. We also did a follow up about 5 days with an email reminder. You could have knocked our socks off with the response. We had 48 orders – not responses – but 48 orders from the post cards. We are in the process of creating an agressive marketing campaign using FloristWare and will let you know the results. The extra business I'm sure is more than paying for you program. Keep up the good work!
    – Marianne Cichowski
    Owner, Awesome Blossoms | Langley BC
  • I cannot believe how much my customers love the e-mail invoicing and delivery confirmations... in 4 months of using FloristWare I feel so much more interactive with my customers because when I send the invoice or a delivery confirmation they usually write back with how the recipient liked the flowers or a quick thank you or even a picture that they got from the recipient... this is huge in todays marketplace... I am also impressed with the plethora of marketing tools and the possibilities opened up to have a continuing relationship with my customers, the points system is a great offer to my customers and something they don't need to track so it is easy, I cannot wait until they start seeing the benefits and really get the idea behind it.
    – Post to Our Facebook Page
  • I have used every major POS and think Floristware is one of the easiest to explain, demonstrate and get the staff not just using but enjoying.
    – Tim Huckabee AIFSE
    President, FloralStrategies
    Author or CSI Flower Shop and the most popular & the most respected sales trainer in the floral industry.
  • I love how the accounts are set up, I loved how fast and easy it is to send out statements – about 5 minutes to print the end of month statements on FloristWare, compared to 45 minutes on the (old system). And our customers really like the new easier to read and decipher statements. The invoice options are awesome – we can print them or we can use the ever-so-nifty fax or e-mail options from FloristWare. Yeah!
    – Barb Watson
    Owner, Fred's Flowers | Logan Utah
  • The marketing features like reminder notices and the customer points has been of great value to increasing sales and customers love the reminders and points.
    – Joan Coleman
    Owner, Coleman Florist Inc. | DeWitt New York
  • Your system was sold as a simple pos system with some marketing advantages, but I am finding that the system is so easy to use, and the marketing programs are easy and inexpensive to implement, two things that have always been a hurdle in past programs, you have always needed expensive printing, giftcards or other programs to implement any other marketing tools... I am so glad I went with your program.
    – FloristWare User
  • I'm convinced the fundraising feature doubled my Prom business this year. I partnered with the local high school to give back 10% of all the Prom business generated by the school. They put my glossy postcard in all the Prom packets. My Prom Open House this past weekend was a HUGE success, and Floristware is tracking it all for me.
    – Annette Hentz
    Owner, Carver Country Flowers & Gifts | Carver Minnesota
  • The Budget tool in FloristWare has proven very popular when dealing with price conscious clients. It allows staff to enter the clients’ total budget (what they’re prepared to spend) and FloristWare automatically backs out any applicable service and/or delivery charges and sales taxes. This shows the sales person how much money is left to spend on product.
    – Alison Roberge
    Owner, All About Flowers | Edmonton Alberta